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**The most common place to find your model and serial number is a label that is stamped on the front or side of the unit. Near the electrical section of the unit. We register all units for our customers. We keep homeowner's warranty information on file that we install. Residential units have a 10-year warranty, Rentals have a 5-year warranty, and commercial units have a 1-year warranty. If a customer purchases a home then the warranty normally becomes a 5-year warranty-it no longer bears a 10-year warranty. If a unit was never registered by another company it only has a 5-year warranty. It is very important that homeowners know what their warranty is when calling a company and getting a quote on repairs. If the unit is under warranty they should only pay for the labor to install any parts needed. Some parts that need replacing often, a warranty, should lower the price on these items like capacitors and contactors. Once again, every homeowner should know the warranty information on their system. However, in many cases, we can assist homeowners in obtaining this information.

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